Parties To Go sets up donations for Puerto Rico hurricane relief

Parties to Go sets up donations for Puerto Rico hurricane relief.

EUGENE, Ore. - With the recent devastation following Hurricane Irma and Maria, a local business owner has seen a place she holds dear fall to pieces.

Mika Kilmer has visited St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands for years, and she even met her husband there.

Kilmer watched the devastation from two category five storms in Irma and Maria from her home in Eugene. Luckily, her home away from home for 14 years is still standing.

She still has hundreds of friends in St. Thomas, who are currently experiencing the aftermath of the storms, be it no running water or electricity.

"It's hard to sit somewhere where where you know you're safe, and have loved ones and friends and their families there and you don't know what's happening," said Kilmer.

Because of this, Kilmer is raising awareness and asking for donations from her community in Eugene. Her mom's business, Parities to Go, is now acting as a donation center.

Kilmer plans to continue her efforts for as long as the people in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands continue to struggle with the aftermath of the storm.

Kilmer is using a site that donates funds to individual families, and you can donate there or stop by Parties to Go to drop off materials.

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