Parents are asking questions after 4J says they plan to replace North Eugene High School

Parents are asking questions after 4J says they plan to replace North Eugene High School

EUGENE, Ore. - The 4J School board approved to move forward with a long-range facilities plan that could include the expansion of North Eugene High School, a decision that has many parents of students at the alternative schools next door worried about their futures.

The 4J school board voted unanimously to move forward with a plan to work on a potential bond measure for the November 2018 ballot. The measure would allocate funds to rebuilding aging schools, improving safety and updating curriculum in the district.

One of the major projects considered for the potential bond measure would be replacing North Eugene High School. 4J District spokesperson, Kerry Delf, says that North Eugene is the oldest and in the poorest condition of the four comprehensive neighborhood high schools in Eugene.

As the language suggests so far, rebuilding North Eugene would mean tearing down a building that currently houses two alternative schools: Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion School and Corridor Elementary School.

Delf says that if the bond is put on the ballot and approved by voters, the plan is to move the alternative schools to Kelly Middle School for now. She says that's where the middle school grades for the Japanese Immersion program is located now.

"While the details are not determined yet, and this is temporary, we would like that Yujin Gakuen be at the Kelly School location, and connect the kindergarten through 8th grade and provide those strong connections," said Delf.

Parents of students at the YG say that consolidating hundreds of students into one school, with no long term plan in place for the immersion program, has them worried.

"Are we going to stay at Kelly, or are you going to repurpose the whole building for us?" asked Kami Hendrix, the parent of a YG Student. "If so, okay, maybe we can make that work. Are you going to place us at the Old North? What are we going to do?:

The next steps in the potential bond measure discussion include a community forum on Wednesday, May 30th, from 7-8 p.m. at the District Office.

Delf says the board is to decide in June whether or not to place the bond measure on the November ballot.

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