PacficSource joins campaign for Civic Park

The new mural at Civic Stadium runs along the wall at the old ball park. It's a preview of what's to come on the property. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene Civic Alliance announced that PacificSource Health Plans has joined the Campaign for Civic Park by making a $500,000 pledge to the project.

In exchange for their support, PacificSource will receive naming rights to the Entry Plaza of the Kidsports Fieldhouse at Civic Park.

"ECA is thrilled by PacificSource’s enthusiasm for the project and their recognition of the impact the facility will have on the health of our community," the organization said in a news release.

PacificSource has supported Civic Park from the very beginning, the organization said. In 2015, they contributed to the property purchase campaign that allowed ECA to buy the Civic Stadium site. Now, as ECA prepares to break ground on the new facility, PacificSource "recognized an opportunity to make a significant investment in their community with Civic Park."

The organization said PacificSource supports initiatives that improve the health of people in their communities. "Civic Park aligns with this mission by expanding opportunities for people of all ages to be active and enjoy sports and recreation."

More from ECA:

Civic Park will improve the health of local children and adults by providing access to innovative fitness and activity programs. The facility will strengthen social ties across the community by hosting sports and events that unite people around the shared experience of cheering on a local team, enjoying a concert, or taking part in a neighborhood festival. Support from local individuals, and from businesses like PacificSource, reinforces Civic Park’s community focus and lays the foundation for it’s role as a community hub.

For more information, or to make a contribution to Civic Park, visit

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