Over 2,800 UO students 'Unpack the Quack' to move into dorms Thursday

Nearly 3,000 students moved into residence halls on the University of Oregon campus on Thursday during the fifth annual "Unpack the Quack" event. A team of volunteers helped students move their belongings from vehicles into rooms; the University estimated 367 students moved in per hour during the event - that's nearly one student every 10 seconds. (SBG/Tom Adams)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Hundreds of volunteers in yellow t-shirts scurried around the University of Oregon campus Thursday on a mission to “unpack the quack.”

If you were looking for a quick trip across campus Thursday, 15th and Agate was not the place to be, but there were smiles all around.

“So today is move in day; it's one of the best days of the year,” said Michael Griffel.

New University of Oregon students came home to roost in the fifth annual Unpack the Quack day.

Hundreds of students arrived en masse, looking for their residence halls.

550 volunteers in yellow shirts did the heavy schlepping, including the entire UO acrobatics team.

“We are just unpacking all of their belongings and bringing them into their rooms for them so they don't have to hike up the stairs with just their parents,” acrobatics team member Alexis Cross said.

More than 2,800 students from 45 states and 32 nations have ducked into their dorms, including newcomers like Portlander Maria Mobdj, who only two years ago moved to Oregon from her native Senegal.

“I moved here two years ago to just continue high school and get to college right here,” said Mobdj.

And what does papa Don feel about all this?

“(I’m) nervous mostly, but we're very excited for my daughter. We'll miss her at home,” said Maria’s father, Don Khouma.

Maria is going to major in business marketing and she's set her goals very high.

“I guess the spirit of college and getting my higher education and just being around peers and, yeah, I'm really excited about that.”

Students came from across the world to across the country.

“That's why I'm here today,” new student Samantha Everett, of Houston, Tex., said, “and it's beautiful; the weather is beautiful. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming.”

Samantha is one of 54 new students from Texas, proving new Ducks are flying in from everywhere.

In total, just under 4,000 UO students will live in the residence halls this year.

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