Oscar-nominated shorts to play in Coos Bay at Egyptian Theatre

    You can catch all the Oscar-nominated short films in Coos Bay starting Friday.

    COOS BAY, Ore. - You can catch all the Oscar-nominated short films in Coos Bay starting Friday.

    The Egyptian Theatre is screening all of the animated and live action shorts.

    Those are stories, all under 20 minutes, from all over the country.

    This is the third year in a row for the showcase, Executive Director Kara Long attended an "arthouse convergence" conference three years ago and connected with people that facilitated short film festival programs and she decided to bring it to Coos Bay.

    "Shorts are amazing, it's storytelling in a very short amount of time. Just stories that were very well told and needed to be seen and that's why they were nominated for Oscars," Long said.

    Some of the Oscar nominated shorts have been screened in Coos Bay before. A live-action film from Canada, "Fauve", played during the international Manhattan Short Film Festival, and two animated features were previously at the Egyptian Theatre for the animated 'show of shows' event.

    There are three categories for the Oscar shorts: Live Action, Animation, Documentary. She says while the animated features are PG rated, most of the live action and documentary films are R rated.

    There are themes of racism and social commentary that may be hard to view for some people.

    "These [films] push your comfort level, something that you probably wouldn't go on your own to see."

    General prices are $7, Seniors are $6, and theatre members and students and military have a discounted price of $5 each show.

    The theatre offers a $15 ticket for all three programs.

    The showtimes are below:

    Friday 2/8

    Animated Shorts- 5pm

    Live Action- 7 pm

    Saturday 2/9

    Documentary- 2 pm, 7pm

    Friday 2/15

    Live Action- 4:30 pm

    Documentary- 7pm

    Saturday 2/16

    Animated 2 pm

    Saturday 2/23

    Live Action 7pm

    Documentary 2pm

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