Organizers in Eugene prepare for second Women's March on Saturday


EUGENE, Ore. -- It was likely the largest protest in US history, spanning cities across the country and even drawing international support. Now, the Women's March is back.

A lot has happened for women in the past year, from the initial rally that brought millions together to upholding certain rights to health care, to the #metoo movement.

But organizers say there's still plenty of reason to march.

"If we can rise together we can see real change and we are seeing it play out in real time," says Planned Parenthood field director Nichi Masters Linder.

In 2017, millions of women marched in response to the election of President Donald Trump - and impending fear of an attack on women's rights.

It launched a movement that, one year later, still stands strong.

"Oftentimes, folks get excited but then that excitement might fizz out and that has not happened," says Masters Linder.

The Planned Parenthood field director notes one of the biggest accomplishments in the past year has been defending women's health.

"We successfully blocked several attempts in this last year to defund Planned Parenthood and it was only through people making calls to the congress, folks telling them we can't do it."

And Oregon passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which safeguards the right to abortion.

Plus, Masters Linder says she's seen more volunteerism and more calls to congress, and this year's march organizers say all-around more women are involved in politics.

karen "It's really exciting to be part of this, to see the energy that's moving from not only resistance, but to persistence," says Karen Myers, who marched last year.

Of course, a new year means new issues are in the spotlight.

"Whether it's immigration, whether it's sexual harassment, whether it's DACA, there are so many things that I think people are concerned about," Myers says.

The overall message remains the same: "We're not gonna back down," says Masters Linder.

The Eugene Women's March to Action begins with a rally at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Federal Courthouse and will end at Whirled Pies with food and entertainment.

There will also be a march in Corvallis beginning at 1 p.m. in Central Park.

This year’s national theme “Power to the Polls.”

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