Oregon's Distracted Driving law changed, so how have drivers adapted?

Oregon's Distracted Driving law changed, so how have driver adapted?

OREGON - It's been five months since Oregon's Distracted Driving Law went into effect, which banned the use of cellphones while on the road.

Local Police say that many people haven't broken this dangerous habit quite yet, but instead, they're hiding it better.

We spoke with Springfield Police Officer Tom Speldrich in September, before the cellphone law went into effect in October.

After five months, we went back to ask him what's changed.

"It seems like people are being a little more discrete," said Speldrich. "The problem is that we still have a lot of people using their cell phones while driving."

While Officer Speldrich says he has seen some improvement, other drivers aren't getting safer, they're just getting sneakier.

"Now, people are trying to be sneaky and not get in trouble," said Speldrich. "So they'll hold their phone further down, with the eyes off the road."

This new "method" doesn't particularly help the driver either, as many officers are still able to spot a cell phone user when they see one.

Officer Speldrich knows it'll take time for drivers to get used to the law, but it's still frustrating for him to see. He says that if you're caught with a phone while driving, the first citation will cost you about $265, but the second time after that it bumps up to about $440.

The third time, it goes on your record as a misdemeanor.

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