Oregon legislature wraps up 2016 session: What new laws did they pass?

Oregon State Capitol (File photo)

SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon Legislature wrapped up the 2016 session on Thursday.

Among the legislation passed during this session:

Oregon will increase its minimum wage starting this July, phasing in increases through 2022 and dividing the state into 3 zones with different wages.

The statewide tourist lodging tax will nearly doubles effective July 1. House Bill 4146 applies to all paid overnight stays. The revenue will help fund a $25 million subsidy for the IAAF World Track and Field Championship in Eugene in 2021.

Lawmakers also made changes to Oregon's marijuana industry.

House Bill 4094 now makes it legal for banks and credit companies to work with businesses that sell pot. The relationship was barred because the *federal government still considers marijuana a "dangerous drug."

The state also beefed up legislation against sex trafficking. House Bill 4082 expands the crime of promoting prostitution to include receiving goods or services connected to prostitution. Before it was only limited to exchanges involving money or property.

Two bills now give better protection for rape victims. Senate Bill 1571, or Melissa's Law, requires police agencies to test all new rape kits right away and clear the backlog of rape kits already in evidence.

Senate Bill 1600 eliminates the statute of limitations in some rape cases where new evidence is uncovered.

Senate Bill 1513 allows counties to give tax breaks up to $250,000 to the surviving spouses of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. The law takes effect May 7.

Oregon is now the first state to outlaw coal as a power source. Senate Bill 1547B will eliminate coal from the state's energy supply by 2030. It also mandates half of state's energy will come from renewable energy by the year 2040.

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