Oregon City neighbors find KKK fliers in yards

OREGON CITY, Ore. -- Neighbors in Oregon City found small plastic bags with a piece of candy and a folded piece of paper tucked inside. None of them expected to unfold that paper and see a message from the Ku Klux Klan.

"I kind of wanted to cry," Liz Krager, who found the bag in her yard, said. "I thought it was pretty awful and thought this isn't stuff we should be dealing with anymore."

The fliers include an image of a KKK member cloaked in a white hood, with the message, "Join the Klan, Save our Land!"

"They are not welcome in our neighborhood," Kruger said.

Not one knows who made the overnight delivery of bags to dozens of homes in Oregon City.

"This kind of stuff is unacceptable. It's not welcome in our home. I definitely don't want it in my neighborhood," Kruger told KATU.

Neighbors reported the fliers to Oregon City Police.

Earlier this week, some Gresham residents reported they too received similar plastic bags with candy and a letter from the KKK.

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