Oil tank removed near Astoria following January 18th oil spill

Crews began working to remove a 10,000-gallon oil tank Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 from underneath a crumbling pier in Astoria. (KATU Photo)

ASTORIA, Ore. - A boiler oil tank has been removed from a dilapidated pier adjacent to the Hotel Cannery Pier on Tuesday, where responders worked to removed the source of the oil spill that was first reported on January 18.

The tank, which was 16-feet in length and 6-feet in diameter, was removed by a Bergerson Construction barge via crane, and will be moved to a nearby pier for proper disposal.

"Today was an important milestone as we work toward the completion of the oil spill response efforts," said Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Madjeska. "We will continue to work with our partners to monitor the scene for other sources of pollution until cleanup efforts conclude."

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