Officers in Coquille find deceased adult male in secured residence

Police still searching for man who pepper sprayed employee, robbed Rivas Taco Shop

COQUILLE, Ore. - An adult male was found dead inside a residence on South East Third Avenue in Coquille on Saturday morning. Officers located the body after learning of an incident from a male who showed up at the hospital with severe wounds.

A 51-year-old man, identified as Michael Lucas, presented himself to the Coquille Valley Hospital with stab wounds and significant blunt force trauma injuries to his face early on Saturday morning.

An investigation has revealed that an incident occurred on South East 3rd Avenue in Coquille. Officers responded to the residence in question, but the house was secured and nobody answered the door.

Upon obtaining a warrant, officers entered the building in found a deceased male adult. The body has yet to be identified, and a cause of death has not been determined, thought it appears that the person died from homicidal violence.

Investigators are processing the scene inside the residence, and looking for any information that the public might have on the case.

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