Officer involved shooting: Incident on Corllis Lane began as hostage situation

Two officers fired and the suspect was hit, according to police. Officers rendered medical aid and called for EMS who transported the suspect to a local hospital where he subsequently died. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. -- The suspect is dead and the investigation continues after an officer involved shooting in north Eugene just before 4 a.m. Tuesday on Corllis Lane near River Road.

Officers are still at the apartment complex investigating.

Police say the incident began as a hostage situation.

Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns says a woman in the apartment complex reported she and her child were being held hostage by a man with a rifle.

She reported he threatened to kill them and that he said he wanted to die in a police shooting.

The family was able to push the suspect out of their unit.

That's when police arrived, got the family to safety, and learned that the suspect had gone to another apartment.

Police tried to get him to come out peacefully, but when he finally came out, it was with his rifle pointed at the officers.

They asked him to drop it and, when he didn't, the two officers fired their weapons and killed the suspect.

Police Chief Pete Kerns says it was an extremely dangerous situation from the start.

"Officers are trying to approach where they can probably be seencertainly better than he can be seen, so it's about as dangerous a thing for officers to walk into as they possibly can."

No one else was injured and the officers are on temporary leave.

What is unknown is why the suspect was holding the family hostage.

That's part of the criminal investigation underway right now.

Lane County is investigating officer use of deadly force.

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