Nora the polar bear meets her new friend at Utah zoo

Nora the polar bear plays in the snow at the Oregon Zoo Thursday, Dec. 8. 2016. (Photo: Oregon Zoo)

Nora the polar bear, who spent about a year at the Oregon Zoo before being moved to Utah, has officially met her closure-mate, Hope.

Nora was moved to the Hogle Zoo in Utah while crews in Portland work to renovate and expand the polar bear exhibit, set to reopen in 2020. It's uncertain whether Nora will be returned to Portland when the exhibit reopens.

Two -year-old Nora was born at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, and had to be hand-raised by humans because she was abandoned by her mother.

Hope was born at the Toledo Zoo, and is about the same age as Nora. The bears were united in Utah so they could socialize and thrive together.

Here's a video of the two bears together for the first time:

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