No charges issued in Junction City Safeway crash

Nobody was seriously injured following an accident that took place at a Safeway in Junction City, when a 88-year-old man drove through the front entrance. (Photo Courtesy of Oregon State Police).

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - No charges were issued for the man who drove his car into a Junction City Safeway over the weekend.

Junction City Police say the vehicle rolled through the floral department and stopped at the produce section on Sunday. Police say one customer was struck by flying debris, and have non-life threatening injuries.

They say the driver was an 88-year-old man, whose foot slipped off the brake.

Officer Tim Garrity says the driver was not issued a citation based on their investigation.

"We try to look at it from the community's perspective," said Garrity. "In this instance, we have referred to the Department of Motor Vehicles, a request to have him retested for his driver's license and make sure he's safe to be driving and that feels appropriate in this instance."

Officer Garrity says the driver did not intentionally drive through the store. The three people in the car were not injured, and the store is open for business.

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