New Year will bring more containers redeemable for recycling under Oregon's Bottle Bill

Portland resident Sarah Marshall turns drops empty water bottles and soda cans at a BottleDrop redemption center in Portland, Ore., on Saturday, April 1, 2016, the first day the per-bottle recycling refund rate jumped to 10 cents. Oregon was the first state in the nation to give 5-cent refunds for recycling used water bottles and soda cans more than 45 years ago. Now, in an effort to boost recycling, this eco-trailblazing state is doubling that refund. (AP Photo/Kristena Hansen)

EUGENE, Ore. - Starting on Monday, more containers will be redeemable under Oregon's Bottle Bill.

Right now, only certain bottles can be turned in for the ten cent rebate, but the new year additions include coffee and tea, energy and sports drinks, fruit and vegetable juice, coconut water, Muscle Milk, Kombucha and cocktail mixers.

Oregon's original bottle bill dates back to the 1970's, before many of these drinks were even on the market.

"There's a lot more types of containers out there now, and this kind of brings the bottle deposit redemption system into line with the reality of the marketplace," said Joesl Schoening, the Community Relations Manager for Oregon Beverage Recyclers Corporation.

The OBRC also attributes the additions to the bottle bill's success. They've seen a big increase in redemption since the paycheck went from five cents to ten cents.

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