New cheetahs brought to Oregon Zoo while two others returned to San Diego

Cheetah in Predators of the Serengeti. © Oregon Zoo / photo by Michael Durham.

Unless you're an avid fan of the Oregon Zoo's cheetahs, you probably didn't notice a big change among these predators!

Two young female cheetahs from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Mary Jane and Darlene, were brought to the Oregon Zoo this week.

“They’ve been very playful,” said curator Becca Van Beek. “There’s been a lot of typical cat behavior: chase, pounce, ambush — and, of course, sleep. One of them even jumped up into a tree — something you don’t see too often, but it’s a natural cheetah behavior.”

In exchange, the Oregon Zoo's 7-year-old male cheetahs, Ranger and Strike, were sent back to San Diego.

According to the zoo, the switch was recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Special Survival Plan for cheetahs.

Ranger and Strike will be paired with a female partner in San Diego, in hopes of reproducing.

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