New app from UO students helps connect tutors and students at click of button

New app from UO students helps connect tutors and students at click of button

EUGENE, Ore. — Two students from the University of Oregon are taking tutoring into their own hands and making it more accessible for students.

They’re creating an app for smart phones called “Tutor Tree” to connect with a tutor that fits academic needs.

It’s similar to the rideshare app Uber because it brings a tutor to you all at the push of a button.

“Right now, if you're looking at a bulletin board or something, there's no digital way to connect and find someone you need that knows the material,” co-creator of Tutor Tree, Eli Ackerman, says.

Students Eli Ackerman and Adrian Martushev saw a need to better connect students with tutors tailored to their classes.

“We're hoping to align, perfectly, the University of Oregon curriculum and make sure our tutors know what class they're teaching towards,” Ackerman says.

And, tutoring is nothing new for this pair.

“I was really struggling in the calculus sequence and I had explored tons of different options, like getting help, and the best resource I ended up having was having Adrian as my tutor,” Ackerman says.

Adrian has worked for the University as a tutor for the last year.

“We see students all the time that come in and can't really find the help that they need,” Adrian Martushev, co-creator of Tutor Tree, says. “Essentially, it's like a 30 minute wait time just getting one question answered.”

That’s why they created an app that brings you a tutor at the touch of a button.

All you have to do is download the app and choose a time a tutor can meet. You can even pay them right from your phone.

The tutors are vetted by Adrian and Eli before they can jump on board.

“The requirements, essentially, are you either are employed by the U of O already or you have at least one letter or recommendation and a B+ in any class that you want to tutor,” Martushev says.

You can still tutor on the app even if you’re graduated. You just have to have one year of tutoring experience and a degree in the subject you’ll be teaching.

The app will launch this fall at U of O, OSU and PSU.

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