Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund expires, but new fund may take its place

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EUGENE, Ore. -- A grant program encouraging local innovation in technology is expiring, but their might be some good news coming too.

The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to local tech innovators looking to establish products to improve the community.

One project allowed teachers to use virtual reality to discover unconscious biases towards students.

Another gave students at nearby schools a chance to learn how to program computers.

The Mozilla Fund expires at the end of August. However, a new fund to Eugene-Springfield, called "US Ignite," may take its place.

Craig Wiroll works with both funds and hopes local innovators use the programs as a resource to improve lane county.

"These grants really incentivize people to innovate and to take risks," Wiroll says, "and to try things that might not work, you know? Throw it at the wall and see what sticks. A lot of it doesn't but the things that do...they really make a public benefit; transformative change and bring diverse groups of people together."

To qualify for a grant through US Ignite, Wiroll says the idea must use high-speed internet and provide a community benefit.

The grants are awarded quarterly, and can amount to $10,000 each.

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