Motorcyclists warn for driver caution going into summer months

Motorcyclists warn for driver caution going into summer months

OREGON - In the past two days, three people have been killed in motorcycle accidents in the state of Oregon.

As the weather continues to get warmer, we'll see more riders out on the road, but officials are warning drivers to be more aware of motorcyclists on the road.

Dave Hall is excited for Oregon riding season to finally be back, and riders are putting on their helmets and revving their engines. But now, Hall says that drivers need to be on the look-out.

"People aren't used to looking for motorcycles," said Hall. "They are smaller and they are just not as noticeable, you've got to look twice."

Motorcycle specialist, Jesse Taylor, with Eugene Harley Davidson, says riders should be aware of what he calls a 'safety bubble.'

"You give some space between other vehicles and braking speeds and things like that," said Taylor. "Some people might not be aware that there are more motorcycles on the road during this season."

Taylor says that as the summer nights approach us, riders should be aware of animals on the road as well. As for Hall, he just wants to remind drivers to stay alert.

"It all comes down to paying attention," said Hall. "When you get in a car, it's as dangerous of a weapon as having a handgun or a rifle you can kill people with."

Taylor says that riders should have their bike inspected before getting on the road, keeping their rides safe and easy.

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