More than half the votes in the independent party race for governor go to write-in's

Gov. Kate Brown (left) appeared in Eugene to proclaim May as Foster Care Month. Rep. Knute Buehler, a frontrunner for the GOP nomination for governor, showed up at the event, too. (Still photos from video)

EUGENE, Ore. - In the independent party race for governor, the majority of votes were write-in.

About 55 percent of voters wrote in someone's name instead of voting for one of the three candidates running, so now, each of Oregon's 36 counties are counting up the write-in votes.

The independent candidate with the most votes is Patrick Starnes at 26 percent as of Wednesday.

But if one of the write-in's surpasses that percentage, he or she will be the nominee.

That means if Kate Brown or Knute Buehler happens to be the write-in winner, they would have the nomination for two parties, which Starnes isn't too happy about.

His fear is that Brown or Buehler's ads led to the write-in's.

"To have over 50 percent in any primary that's write-in's is not very common you know. There was a lot of big money spent and we hope that big money didn't steal the independent election," Starnes said.

A spokesperson for the Secretary of State's office says it could take days for counties to count up all the write-in's.

She says this kind of situation isn't entirely unique; it does happen.

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