Monroe firefighter, former wrestling coach arraigned in Corvallis on sexual abuse charges

Carlos Garcia was arraigned on charges of sex abuse Tuesday. (SBG)

CORVALLIS, Ore - The victim said he sexually abused her while she was a teenager in a junior firefighting program.

The alleged abuser, Carlos Garcia, was arraigned Tuesday in the Benton County Courthouse in Corvallis.

His lawyer pleaded for his client's release.

He said Garcia would never flee the state because he lives with his wife and kid in Monroe.

The judge granted Garcia's conditional release.

There is also a civil suit filed against the fire department where Garcia allegedly sexually abused the teenage girl.

The Monroe Rural Fire Protection District received notice they are being sued for $3.5 million.

The 10-page suit says the fire department was negligent because Garcia's sexual abuse took place during their program.

The claim states, "Garcia engaged in intentional conduct resulting in one or more of the following effects: physical injury, mental injury, sexual abuse and/or sexual exploitation of the plaintiff."

The claim continued, "Despite this information, defendant did not commence an adequate investigation, nor did they report the suspected abuse to state licensing authorities."

The fire department declined to comment on Friday via phone call.

On Tuesday, they were closed.

We dug deeper into Garcia's past and his ties with Monroe High School.

Monroe school district Superintendent, Bill Crowson said over the phone that Garcia was apart of the coaching staff of the wrestling program from 2010-2016.

Crowson said at that time, Garcia passed a background check. He said he left in 2016 because word was getting out about Garcia's sexual abuse investigation.

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