Mom to Kyron: 'I'm bringing you home. Be strong. I'm coming'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Thursday marked five years to the day that Kyron Horman, then 7 years old, vanished from his elementary school in Northwest Portland.

His mother, Desiree Young, remembers that late afternoon call on her cellphone like it was yesterday.

"'Well, I have to inform you he's missing.' I couldn't believe what I was hearing," she said Thursday night shortly before a vigil dedicated to bringing Kyron home began. "If Kyron's watching, I say to him, 'I'm bringing you home. Be strong. I'm coming.'"

From almost the beginning investigators zeroed in on the last person to see him, Kyron's stepmother Terri Horman. She took Kyron to school the day he vanished. But she has never been charged or named a suspect.

"She's not been named a suspect just as a technicality - she's definitely a person of interest," Young said.

People at a vigil for Kyron Horman launch balloons on the fifth anniversary of his disappearance at his Wall of Hope in Beaverton, Oregon on Thursday, June 4, 2015. (Photo: Jackie Labrecque/KATU News)

At the vigil held at Kyron's Wall of Hope in Beaverton participants launched red balloons and hanged well-wishes.

Kyron's father, Kaine, said that it's not about hope, but about belief. He believes he will see his son again.

"And until someone can tell me 100 percent definite he's no longer with us or he's no longer out there, then I have to believe that," he said.

However, he admits the search has been a frustrating five years. And he says the focus now is on reinterviewing people and following up on new tips.

"When you're seeing a situation unfold - they're at a restaurant and they see a child that might look like Kyron - take pictures, to maybe ask a few questions if something looks out of place. A lot of people are doing that more now than they have in the past," Kaine said.

Young has the same vision even after her son's disappearance five years ago.

"Keep the hope. Keep looking for him," she said. "I'm going to be here forever."

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is still offering a $50,000 cash reward for the tip that brings Kyron home.

The tip line is: 503-261-2847.

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