Missing Springfield couple recovering in hospitals after police found them on Hwy 22

Donald and and Barbara Williams (Photos via LCSO)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – A Springfield couple is safe after being lost in the cascades and Marion County for almost two days.

According to the Lane County Sheriff's Office, 76-year old Donald Williams and 73-year old Barbara Williams were found on state highway 22, about 13 miles east of Idanha, Friday evening.

The couple's daughter and son-in-law said they are overwhelmed with happiness that their parents were found alive.

The Williams were found in troubling conditions, but they are expected to make a speedy recovery.

“I talked to my mom this morning and she said they were going for a drive. Then I asked her, I said, 'Do you realize how long you were gone?' She did not,” said Toni Fields, Donald and Barbara’s daughter.

According to the Lane County Sheriff's Office, the Williams went for that drive on Thursday morning, and never came home that night.

“Apparently he had fell into a hole, maybe 50 yards or so away from the roadside,” said Lynn Fields, Donald and Barbara’s son in law.

The Fields said Donald has pre-dementia and Barbara acts as his guide.

“She went out to help him and she could not get him out of the hole, apparently. That's where they had found them, the police had found them out there. She was laying on a rock and I think he was still probably in the hole,” said Lynn.

When the couple was found near Idanha, the family said Barbara was taken to Santiam Hospital in Stayton for minor abrasions and dehydration.

The family said Donald was in worse shape.

"He was airlifted to Bend Hospital. He had a little more serious injuries,” said Lynn.

He was placed in the intensive care unit and was severely dehydrated.

Deputies said there was damage to the Williams’ car when they were found.

The white truck that so many people were looking for is now back home.

“We'll have a nice little sit-down and talk about it and decide what they can and can't do,” said Lynn.

The Fields said Friday was a very long day, but it was all worth it.

They visited their parents on Saturday in the hospitals.

The Fields thanked the community and officials for their help in searching for their loved ones.

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