Mini Maker Faire: 'It's very fun and kids can be creative'

From rockets to robots - kids tried their hand at various activities Saturday for the Mini Maker Faire. (Photo by Justina Coelho)

EUGENE, Ore. - The Science Factory's 5th annual Mini Maker Faire kicked off Saturday morning.

Local inventors brought science and technology to life for kids and their families. They launched rockets, took part in arts and crafts, and steered robots.

Organizers say this is a hands-on way for kids to learn about art, electronics, and technology.

"It's very fun and kids can be creative and express their own minds on what they want to do," said 8-year-old Gwynne Benber.

"People always get excited when they can say, 'Look what I made; look what I built!' So we really want to encourage that spirit because you learn a whole lot about science and technology by doing," said Nick Spicher from the Eugene Science Factory.

Organizers say they had a great turn out this year. More than 700 people stopped by.

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