Member of Jewish Community Relations Committee: Embassy move has little benefit, high cost

Reuben Zahler, member of Jewish Community Relations Committee (KMTR image)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Reuben Zahler's wife was in Jerusalem when President Trump initially made the announcement that the US Embassy would be moving.

Zahler says the announcement was personal; he felt like it put his wife in danger.

As a member of the Jewish Community Relations Committee, he says they feel the move to Jerusalem is a bad idea.

He says if you look at it from a cost-benefit analysis, there's very little benefit.

Zahler says it demoralizes and antagonizes the Palestinians, increases the likelihood that Israelis and Palestinians will shed blood, delegitimizes the United States as a peace broker in the region, and discredits the United States in the eyes of Arab and European allies.

"There's a lot of pretty substantive costs and there's almost no benefits,” Zahler says. “It does nothing to help the United States, it does not make Israel more secure or it doesn't help Israel achieve peace, it doesn't help the Palestinians. It has no material benefit."

Zahler says the violence we're seeing is not a surprise to him.

With that said, the violence between Israel and Palestine has gone on for decades.

He says this move didn't cause the violence, but it did make a spark.

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