Mayor Lundberg addresses Glenwood mobile home displacement

Mayor Lundberg's State of the City address

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - An estimated 1,400 households in Springfield are at a strong risk of displacement. Now, a collaborative effort is in effect to keep those people housed.

Springfield Mayor Lundberg says there's a lot to look forward to in 2016. One announcement in her State of the City Address was about the Oregon Solutions Project. The project is aimed at helping residents of mobile homes who may be at risk of displacement.

Mayor Lundberg brought up several talking points at her sixth State of the City Address.

The address opened with local musicians, then her mission for Springfield to have a hometown feel.

The Oregon Solutions Project is a developing plan to keep Springfield home for more than a thousand residents.

"That's why I requested that Manufactured Home Park Closure and Tenant Displacement Collaborative be designated as an Oregon Solutions Project and Governor Brown agreed," Mayor Christine Lundberg said.

Back in 2013, city councilors addressed the potential need for mobile home residents around the Glenwood area to move when they saw the interest in development.

"The first time it came to my attention was when we were talking about putting a conference center at a spot where a mobile home park is now located," Lundberg said.

She said their goal is to create a plan in case of mobile home park closures.

Governor Brown has named Mayor Lundberg and Oregon State director of rural development, Vicki Walker, to lead the team of public, private, and civic partners.

"There are options out there we just don't have them in good set up right now. That's what we're going to do," Lundberg said.

In Springfield alone there are about 22 mobile home communities.

Lundberg says through this Oregon Solutions Program they'll build a toolbox of options to solve potential mobile home park closures.

"This project will address, hopefully address, mobile home park issues all across the state," she said.

Lundberg said there are no park closures at this time, but they want to be proactive. The collaborative will hold their first planning meeting at the end of the month.

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