Max's Tavern puts 'Sweet Caroline' singalong on hold: 'This is the right thing to do'

Max's Tavern in Eugene. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Max's Tavern near the University of Oregon campus has ended a 20-year closing time tradition due to rowdy patrons.

Last call at the bar was followed by patrons standing on benches joining in a singalong to "Sweet Caroline".

But co-owner Kim Fairbairn said that tradition is coming to an end.

Too many people have been hurt because of the singalong's rowdy nature, she said.

Several weeks ago, someone threw a glass and knocked someone unconscious, she added.

"I think that it's time for us to be responsible owners, and to provide an environment for everyone that's fun," Fairbairn said. "Even if this costs us business for awhile, we know this is the right thing to do for awhile."

Max's has also had issues with patrons stealing art from the walls of the bar, Fairbairn said.

She's hoping this change will promote an overall calmer atmosphere.

Perhaps, one day, the singalong will return, she added - but for now, the tradition is on hold.

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