Man gave expired cake to boys - and Springfield Police want to know why

Man gave expired cake to boys - and Springfield Police want to know why

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Police would like to speak to a man who gave an expired cake to children Saturday to determine his intent.

Investigators are not sure of the circumstances, Lt. Scott McKee with Springfield Police said. Officers examined the cake and did not see any obvious signs of tampering or foreign objects.

The incident happened Saturday outside a home on West Quinalt.

McKee said a man in his 50s or 60s pulled up in a red sedan and offered a cake to two boys playing outside.

The older boy, Liam Ralph, age 10, said no thank you.

When the man insisted, the younger boy, 6, took the cake from the man, who then drove off.

"He parked at the curb over there and made this motion, then we approached the car a little bit which I kind of regret doing," said Liam Ralph.

The man didn't give the boys a "creepy vibe," McKee said, but the older boy said it appeared the man had several more cakes in the backseat of his car.

When the 8-year-old boy brought the cake home, his mother threw it away. After thinking about the situation more, she pulled the cake out of the trash and called police.

"It was worrisome for me," said Heather Swartley, the mother. "I mean, most likely it's someone with good intentions, but you never know. The fact that we've had the stranger-danger talk before really just opened my eyes to how different people react in a situation."

The cake, which had a Winco label on it, expired on October 31.

McKee said this is a good opportunity for parents to remind kids not to approach people in cars or take anything from a stranger.

He said it also a reminder to adults not to offer things to children they don’t know.

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