Luvable Dog Rescue feels the love from volunteers after ice storm

Luvable Dog Rescue deals with the aftermath of the December ice storm. Photo by Ellen Meny.

EUGENE, Ore.- A local dog rescue got quite a scare during the ice storm on December 14. Fallen trees almost destroyed parts of their shelter.

Luvable Dog Rescue operates in rural south Eugene. The shelter specializes in finding homes for dogs rescued from high-kill shelters. Luvable primarily works with small dogs and pit bulls.

The shelter's founder, Liesl Wilhardt, said when the ice storm hit, their buildings immediately lost power. Volunteers moved the dogs into their main building so they could keep warm.

Soon after, the trees started coming down.

"They were covered in ice almost immediately and started crashing down. Really, the first night, I think we all thought we were going to die," Wilhardt said.

Wilhardt said they quickly got heat and electricity running the next day. That's all thanks to the generosity of their volunteers, multiple donations, and Ives Construction Company, whom Wilhardt said donated a generator.

"Our staff was just amazing. They came through fallen trees and downed power lines to get to work the next morning, because they were so worried about the dogs being here alone," Wilhardt said.

Wilhardt said they're still cleaning up, but thankfully everyone is safe. She said they're still looking for dog toy donations, after the dogs wore out their toys while waiting for the trees to be cleared from their walking paths.

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