LTD prepares for growth of Eugene with MovingAhead Project

    LTD approves nation's first pilot program for passengers with pets

    EUGENE, Ore. - People are coming to Eugene – a projected 34,000 by 2032.

    That’s why the city is partnering with Lane Transit District to improve buses, bicycles facilities, roads and sidewalks.

    “Obviously as the population grows there's going to be much more traffic,” Therese Lang with LTD says.

    She says the MovingAhead project is looking to re-vamp five corridors within the city, partly due to congested traffic.

    But drivers aren’t the only ones affected by this project.

    “That includes people that are cyclists, who are pedestrians, who use mobility devices, as well as those who take the bus,” she says.

    With the influx of people coming to Eugene, officials are asking for your suggestions for change.

    The corridors include 30th Avenue to LCC, River Road, Coburg Road, MLK Jr. Blvd, and Highway 99.

    Some of the project options include: more protected bike lanes, bus only lane located in the middle of the street or adjacent to the curb, bus and turning vehicles only lanes, early bus right-of-ways at stop lights and implanting crosswalks mid-block instead of at intersections.

    If you have suggestions for the 30th Ave. to LCC corridor, you can attend an open house from 5:30 to 7:30 on Monday night at the Eugene Public Library.

    There will be open houses the rest of the week for the other corridors as well as an online version open until October 10th.

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