Litter on roadside causes headache for ODOT


EUGENE, Ore. - Trash along the highways is becoming a problem for the Oregon Department of Transportation.

ODOT says they've had a higher volume of calls due to littering, and they say it's not only a pain to pick up after someone else, but it also costs them a lot of money by taking away their crews from preparing our roads for the winter weather.

Now, ODOT is urging drivers to do a better job of strapping down their cargo, and hanging on to the trash inside their cars.

"We all live in this community, and every time we see litter down the road we need to make that happen," said Kevin Finch, with the Oregon Department of Transportation. "We are coming into Christmas too, we want to present well to all the tourists and folks coming into town."

Finch says if this amount of littering continues, you may see it stack up, because maintaining the roads in this weather is ODOT's number one priority.

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