Limo Christmas Light Tour continues for 14th year

"The residents just have a blast": 14th annual Limo Christmas Light Tours

EUGENE, Ore. - The Sunshine Limo Service continued a Christmas tradition on Thursday night, one that they've carried on for 14 years.

It's the annual Christmas Light Tours for Relief Nursery Families, National Guard Families and local senior citizens.

On Thursday night, citizens of "Gateway Adult Residential Care" hopped on a party bus and dove into the Christmas spirit. A driver from Sunshine Limo Service took the citizens up and down local neighborhood streets filled with Christmas lights, all free of charge.

"The residents just have a blast," said Mark Kinkade, Chief Operations Officer of Gateway Adult Residential Care. "Many of them have never been on a limo, or a party bus in this case, and they've just really enjoyed it and talk about it all year."

The tours began on Tuesday and ended Thursday, hosted at three separate locations in Eugene and Springfield.

Officials with Sunshine Limo Service say they expected to have nearly 300 people on their complimentary tours this year.

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