'Like a full moon, but better': Madras reacts to the solar eclipse

Brizey Orjvela sits on top of her car and listens to the eclipse news on the radio as the moon moves over the sun. Photo by Cheyenne Thorpe, Oregon News Lab

MADRAS, Ore. - Thousands of people gathered in Madras, Oregon, directly in the path of totality for Monday's once-in-a-lifetime event.

The total solar eclipse lasted roughly two minutes, which many believe they will remember forever.

"It was like a full moon, but better," said one eclipse viewer.

"I think it really givesyou a sense of where your place in the universe, and you know, gives you a broader prospective on things," said another enthusiast.

If you happened to miss the eclipse on Monday, you may be waiting for your next opportunity for a while. The next coast-to-coast event in the U.S. isn't until the year 2045.

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