Upgraded evacuation levels for areas around Mckenzie Valley

McKenzie Valley Evacuation Map

LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Under the recommendation of the Horse Creek Complex Fire Incident Commander, in concurrence with the Lane County Sheriff's Office and the Upper McKenzie Fire District, the following evacuation alerts are now in place:

LEVEL 3 - GO - EVACUATION NOTICE: (Zones 8, 9 and 10) This area has been expanded to include the area east of the junction of Hwy 242 and Hwy 126, including Belknap Hot Springs, Camp Yale, and campgrounds in the area of Hwy 242 and Clearlake Cutoff Rd, north to Deer Creek. Level 3 means go now, do not wait. The recommended route is McKenzie Hwy (Hwy 126) westbound.

LEVEL 2 - SET - EVACUATION NOTICE: (Zones 5, 6 and 7) Residents and visitors in the McKenzie Valley between milepost 49-53 on Hwy 126 east have been upgraded to a Level 2 "Be set" evacuation notice. Residents who can evacuate now are encouraged to do so.

LEVEL 1 - READY - EVACUATION NOTICE: (Zones 3 and 4) A Level 1 advisory is still in place for residents and visitors in zones 3 and 4 on the attached map. This includes taking appropriate steps to be ready to evacuate due to fire danger, including packing a "go kit" with emergency supplies, important documents, prescription medications, clothing and any other items you might need should you be away from home for several days.

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