Lebanon High cleared: 'The suspect has been located outside of the school'

Lebanon High was placed on lockdown Friday morning after reports of someone with a gun on campus. No shots were fired. A suspect is in custody. Parents are reuniting with their children. (SBG)

UPDATE at 11:26 a.m. | From Lebanon Police: "Update on release of students from Lebanon High School. All students can be picked up by parents in front of the High School now with the last name letter of A through M. At noon students with the last name beginning from M through Z can be picked up. If you are able to to wait until 12:30 to pick up your student with the last name from M through Z that would be helpful. All students that have driven to school are being allowed to leave once a parent calls and confirms with Lebanon High that it is okay to do so. If a parent is not available to pick up their student they will be taken back into the school."

UPDATE at 10:54 a.m. | From Lebanon Police: "The suspect has been located outside of the school. The High School has been cleared at this time and we will start bussing the students to an off site location. Parents can pick up their High School Students at the River Center."

The school superintendent's office says a suspect is in custody.

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Earlier reports

LEBANON, Ore. - As officers search for someone with a gun, all schools in the City of Lebanon have gone into "lockout" or "lockdown" mode, according to conflicting reports from the local school district and police.

"All Lebanon Schools are in lockdown at this time," Lebanon Police said in a 10:31 a.m. statement. "We will update you as soon as we know more details. At this time there has been no shooting reported. Please be patient as we will keep you updated."

Police would not comment on where the armed person they are looking for is believed to be located.

Officers emphasized that this is not a drill.

A minute before the police statement that all schools were in lockdown, Lebanon Community Schools had issued a statement that the high school was in lockdown and that other schools were in lockout.

Those lockdowns or lockouts are in effect at Lebanon High, Seven Oak, Green Acres, Riverview and Cascade schools.

In a lockdown, no one is allowed in or out. In a lockout, no one is allowed into the building.

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