Leave it to Bieber: Is pop star rehearsing at Matt Knight Arena?

Justin Bieber fans gathered outside the Inn at the Fifth hoping to catch a glimpse of the star based on speculation he might be in town rehearsing at Matthew Knight Arena for his upcoming tour.

EUGENE, Ore. - No, Justin Bieber isn't moving to Sandy.

But he might be in Eugene.

The story started circulating on social media earlier this week.

The question landed on the front page of the local daily newspaper on Thursday.

And a scrum of fans and media gathered outside the Inn at the Fifth, a luxury hotel in Eugene.

Hotel staff said no one by the name "Justin Bieber" was registered at the hotel.

But the presence of additional security at the hotel suggested something was afoot.

Meanwhile, something was afoot over on the University of Oregon campus.

Craig Pintens with the University of Oregon said Matthew Knight Arena has been leased to a performing artists this week for "technical rehearsals."

With the Duck women at the Pac-12 basketball tournament and the men on the road, the next scheduled event at the arena in Eugene is an Acrobatics and Tumbling meet Monday, March 7, at 6 p.m.

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