Lane County Strike Team travels to California to help with fire

    Lane County Strike Team travels to California to help with fire

    LANE COUNTY, Ore. - A Lane County strike team is on its way at the request of the Governor to Paradise, California to help with the 'Camp Fire' .

    Five engines left the Cottage Grove Fire Station Friday morning to help combat the camp fire.

    "It's not just about protecting homes at this point , that's a big part of it but it's also about looking for victims , helping people get all those kinds of things," said Chad Minter, the Lane Fire Defense Chief.

    The wildfire destroyed most of the northern California town.

    The Lane County strike team is comprised of 22 people from different agencies.

    "We never strip our area no matter what we always have people stay at home already to protect our own our own area,” said Minter. “But at the same time ours fire season is kind of wound down so we're happy to share those resources with California ."

    Chief Minter says sending resources out of state is a rare occurrence... That's been happening more often.

    "Last year was our first time in our history that Oregon sent this kind of resources to California. We went to 2 different fires last year and this is our first one this year.”

    The strike team is set to help our neighbors in California for up 16 days

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