Lane County Fair hires over 150 temporary employees

Beverly Burback, talks to residents about the jobs they are hiring for on July 17th, 2017. at the Lane County Fair grounds in Eugene, Ore.

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Lane County Fair ride operations, Funtastic, has hired over 150 people to work the fair this year.

Lee Thompson, a Eugene resident, who lives at the Eugene Mission, came early to start lining up.

"I got here about 3 hours early; usually there is a lot more people here,” said Thompson.

He currently does not have a job, but always comes to work temporarily for the fair.

“This will be my seventh year in a row, and I always do the Mardi Gras and the house of mirrors for the kids,” said Thomson.

The Lane County Fair runs five days and will help Thompson with some basic necessities.

“It will help me keep minutes on my phone and give me extra food money and clothes money, little things that you need, you know,” said Thompson.

Funtastic Travel Shows is the ride operator for the Lane County Fair and offers three job types for workers.

"We have a ride department, we have a game department, and we have the food department,” said Beverly Burback, part owner of Funtastic.

It's a temporary job, but there are opportunities to continue working for the company.

“If our management teams feel that they are qualified, then the person can ask if they can travel, and then our management team will decide that,” said Burback.

Thompson will be working the Lane County Fair his seventh year with hopes to travel with the company.

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