'Just gut-wrenching': Administrators on leave as district investigates text messages

CRESWELL, Ore. - From Lane County to the state legislature, people are speaking out about two Creswell High School administrators caught texting inappropriate messages about former Creswell students now attending school in Pleasant Hill.

Creswell High School Principal Andy Bracco and Assistant Principal Jordan Osborn were placed on paid administrative leave Wednesday afternoon while the district investigates the incident, Creswell Superintendent Todd Hamilton said Thursday.

A photo of the text conversation was taken over Osborn's shoulder at a Creswell High School basketball game on Friday, January 13.

One message comments about a former Creswell student's weight.

Another accuses a former student of doing drugs.

This week, another photo surfaced on Twitter showing Principal Bracco making obscene gestures to the camera from behind his desk at the school.

It's an image, according to district officials, that was taken on a school camera and meant to be deleted and not seen by students.

Bracco and Osborn have since apologized for both incidents. | READ APOLOGY HERE

On Facebook, the photos were met with hundreds of angry comments, many of them calling for their resignations or terminations.

"Please join me in asking Creswell School District why these two administrators are still employed," state Sen. Sara Gelser of Corvallis posted Wednesday on Facebook.

"It was just gut-wrenching," former Creswell parent Wendy Locke said of the news.

Locke, who says her daughter left Creswell Middle School after being bullied for her learning disability, said the incident strikes close to home.

"I watched my daughter read the post and I watched her face," Locke says. "And I watched her re-live all of her experiences that she had gone through."

Locke said she was surprised by Bracco's involvement. She said Bracco was one of the administrators who supported her daughter when she was bullied.

"As we pulled our student out of this area and looked for some better solutions for her, we hoped that for the other students that we left behind, that he would be there," Locke said. "So to see that it got worse, it's horrible."

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