Police say intoxicated driver crashed into preschool at high speed

Intoxicated driver crashes into preschool at high speed

EUGENE, Ore. - A scary scene took place in South Eugene on Sunday night, when an intoxicated driver speeding on the wrong side of the road crashed into a family-owned preschool.

Eugene Police say just after midnight, 22-year-old Timothy Stocker drove his car into the Far Horizons Montessori School on Hilyard Street.

Police say Stocker was traveling at a high speed on the wrong side of the road, and his vehicle went through three chain link fences before crashing into the side of the building.

Crews discovered Stocker inside the car, unconscious.

He was transported to Peacehealth Riverbend Hospital, where he is listed in critical condition. Police say he's been charged with DUII, among other offenses.

Corey St. Germain and his family have owned this preschool since 1978, and they've been in this building on Hilyard Street since 1999.

St. Germain said this building isn't just wood and brick, it means a lot more sentimentally. That is why he is doing all he can to make sure it's back up and running on Tuesday.

The result of the accident is a hole in the wall, which prompted St. Germain to close the preschool for the day. Now, he and a student's parents, who happens to be a contractor, are assessing the damage inside and out.

"My biggest concern is primarily the structural integrity of the second floor of the building," said Ryan Therrell, a parent and contractor.

Second floor repairs will shut classroom doors for days. Instead of class, St. Germain says they will just have day care. Nonetheless, he says it could have been much worse.

"There's a lot of good that I'm seeing and that the good is that this didn't happen during business hours," said St. Germain. "Nobody was in the building, nobody else was hurt, a pedestrian wasn't hurt."

Chain link fences and bent poles littered the parking lot, and side the school, broken glass and books toppled over.

It will surely take a while to clean up the mess, but most of all, St. Germain is happy no one's life was taken. He says as he restores the school that he will keep the driver in his thoughts.

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