'If you hit a child you're going to be inconvenienced for life'


    EUGENE Ore. - In 2014, a 4J school bus driver was dropping kids off a stop when a driver passed the bus on the shoulder, nearly hitting a child who was exiting the bus.

    Chris Ellison, director of 4J transportation, said its just one example of people failing to obey the law.

    "It's an issue not only in Eugene/Springfield but nationally as well and the consequences can be disastrous," Ellison said.

    He explained that school buses have flashing light, and stop signs that activate when a bus is making a drop-off that indicate to drivers it's time to stop .

    "Cars have to stop they cannot pass the bus in both directions."

    Ellison said the base fine for violating this traffic law is $660. He acknowledges that waiting behind a bus can be an inconvenienced.

    "If you hit a child you're going to be inconvenienced for life," Ellison said.

    Bus drops aren't the only time that student's safety is at risk. Drivers failing to drive the speed limit in school zones also threaten students according to Jennifer Hebard, a principal at two 4J school on Crest Drive.

    "We have a huge speeding problem here in crest drive, traffic comes flying through," Hebard said.

    School zones have a speed limit of 20 mph which is in effect during school days from 7 in the morning till 5 in the evening. Even outside of these hours, people must slow down when children are trying to cross the street or when a crossing guard is present.

    This can avaiod a fee of up to $870 according to ODOT.

    "Think about it, it's not worth it," Hebard said.

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