'If you don't have to drive, don't. Stay home if you can'

    Icy road in Multnomah County - Photo courtesy Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

    LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Winter weather has certainly led to an eventful last few days, with snow showers, rain and dropping temperatures.

    With that in mind, Eugene Police offered up a few tips to navigate winter weather roadways.


    “One of the first things is really simple, and that is if don't have to drive don't, stay home if you can,” said Joe Kidd, with the Eugene Police Department.

    But if you do have to venture outside in snowy or icy weather days, Officer Kidd says to be aware of treacherous travel and road conditions.

    "Be careful when you're decelerating or breaking or accelerating,” said Kidd. “Those are the times when you're most likely to lose your traction or your grip on the roadway.”

    We've recently experienced a wintery mix of snow and rain showers, combined with below freezing temperatures. Kidd says that's the prefect recipe for dangerous, icy road conditions.

    “People tend to underestimate the weather and overestimate the ability of what speed they can drive, and that's a pretty common occurrence for crashes,” said Kidd.

    While four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles are great at accelerating, EPD says in snow or ice that doesn't help you stop or turn.

    So the next time, you're facing winter weather conditions, keep these tips in mind and be safe.

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