I-5 on-ramp at Beltline to open Saturday

The construction on Beltline Road will mostly impact eastbound motorists. The project is expected to be completed by December 2017. (SBG image)

EUGENE, Ore. - Construction on the I-5 on-ramp is nearing completion, allowing traffic to start moving a little bit smoother on the Beltline in Eugene.

The new on-ramp connecting I-5 and Beltline is set to open no later than Saturday.

The on-ramp will help streamline traffic for drivers heading north on I-5, and ODOT crews have been working long hours to open the ramp by Saturday, if not earlier.

The rain has caused a few minor setbacks in construction, but the crew expects to still meet their deadline.

"The contractor and sub-contractors got a big push, and everyone came together to make sure we could make this deadline and get traffic re-opened for the public," said Shane Prohaska, of the Oregon Department of Transportation.

ODOT wants drivers to know there will still be construction alongside Beltline, and that the 45 mph speed-zone will still be enforced.

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