How to prepare for the snow in Eugene over the weekend

    Melting snow will freeze into ice as temperatures drop back down below freezing Thursday evening. (SBG)

    EUGENE, Ore. - It's a winter wonderland again in some parts of Eugene and Lane County, with more possible snow on the way early next week.

    The white stuff is back, and of course it was slim to none in the valley floor. But in higher elevations some roads were covered with about 2-3 inches of snow.

    Then in the afternoon hours, the roads cleared out, leaving dirty snow and slush behind.

    If you're traveling on the roads this weekend, depending where you go, you may see no snow at all, or just snow flurries.

    But with the weather not able to make up its mind - rain, snow or both - it might be smart to look up the weather before you hit the road.

    The nastiest of the delays have been at the Eugene Airport on Saturday. This is a rare site to see for a mid-size airport.

    Dozens of people flying to Seattle with Alaska Airlines, experienced cancellations or major delays. This was because of snow and ice.

    It was a similar story for travelers flying to Portland on Friday, which may continue as snow storms creep in for the northwest.

    If you're staying home this weekend in Eugene, you may need something to help melt that ice off the driveway in the early mornings.

    “It's safety salt. And what you do, you use a spreader like this one here,” said Kelly Bennett, a facilitator at Jerry’s. “And you can load it and spread it. The idea behind safety salt and other salts that are out there is, it actually causes the water to freeze at a lower temperature. So, it's a good idea to get it on before the cold weather hits. It creates a safety layer and melts off faster.”

    So the word to the wise is prepare in advance and stay warm.

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