Hotel and conference center in Glenwood: 'What it's coming down to is information'

GLENWOOD, Ore. -- A hotel and conference center are still in the works for Glenwood, and county staff are working with Springfield city planners to determine how best to support the project.

Developers are still considering ways to pay for the initiative. Springfield pledged $2.5 million towards the project, but county officials say no specific financial proposals have been made.

County commissioner Sid Leiken believes the board is interested in improving infrastructure around the pending development.

"Really what it's coming down to is information. We're asking for information. In a sense, a business plan. What does this look like? Do you have some cost-benefit analysis in place? And right now, we haven't had the chance to see that," said Leiken.

Springfield and county officials have scheduled a meeting for October 27, hoping to decide on how they will proceed with the development.

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