Hope Restored: Project helps Creswell families in need

“Hope Restored” raises money from businesses and residents near Creswell that are looking to help families in need.

CRESWELL, Ore. - Two families in Creswell are getting a gift this weekend – a new home.

The gesture comes from a volunteer group called, “Hope Restored.”

For the last two years, the group selects deserving families and gives their home a make-over while they stay in a hotel.

The project is community based. “Hope Restored” raises money from businesses and residents near Creswell that are looking to help families in need.

Two single mothers were the families chosen this year. And, NBC16 spoke with one of them with an incredible journey.

“It was horrible. Horrible. I promise God I will never come back there,” mother of ten, Ana Cruz, says.

Ana Cruz bought her home after living in a homeless shelter with her family as a single mother.

“It was hard when I needed to work the three jobs,” Cruz says.

But, there was still problems with the house.

“Our windows so cold,” she says.

Her electricity bills were nearing $500 each month. That’s when Hope Restored was able to step in – discovering the need through Creslane Elementary and giving the family a home makeover.

“Just the counselors and teachers, knowing who the kids are, we just try to select the best family possible; we wish we could do them all,” Christi Keating with Hope Restored says.

But, Ana was in need of a little extra help.

“One of my goals was to help my aunt,” Cruz says. “She has cancer, she doesn't have kids. I told her don't worry I take care of you.”

Needing extra room for her aunt and another family member with a sick mom.

“She wants to feel comfortable, that if she's not here then somebody's going to watch after her,” Cruz says.

Taking care of a large family after tragedy struck a few years ago.

“I used to work at a bank,” she says. “We had a robbery, very bad. “When I hear people counting is when it gets me.”

She says she was held at gunpoint.

“I start to remember when he start counting to kill me,” she says.

Surviving to provide for her family.

“I got this beautiful house,” she says. “It was beautiful for me, but now it's going to be more beautiful.”

The families return to their homes on Sunday.

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