HIV Alliance moving into larger facility to keep up with demand for services

HIV Alliance will move to a bigger building in mid May. (SBG, AF)

EUGENE, Ore. – HIV Alliance is preparing to move to a new location next month to meet the need for services.

Their current building on Garden Avenue in Eugene is on the market right now.

They are trading it in for a new facility three times its size.

Staff members at the facility said the number of people with HIV in our community is growing rapidly.

“We continue to see new infections every year,” said Renee Vandel, Executive Director of HIV Alliance.

HIV Alliance currently serves several counties in Southern Oregon.

“When we have new infections consistently and also people are living longer with HIV, there's more clients for the HIV alliance to serve,” said Tyler Boyet, Prevention Manager at HIV Alliance.

Boyet said there are populations who have a higher risk of getting HIV...but anyone is susceptible to the infection, and there's still no cure.

"Why we have more HIV infections is a very complicated question, but it has a lot to do with discrimination to access to healthcare,” said Yandel.

It’s an expensive infection to have.

"Different medications can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 a month,” said Boyet. “Also, most patients are screened quarterly with blood work and that is usually around $400 to $500 a month.”

To keep up with the rapidly growing clientele, over the years HIV alliance has added staff members and programs.

They have been in the same building for over 20 years, but in mid-May, they're moving into a building three times their current size.

They plan to lease part of the new building, but say they will use up all of their available space, helping people with more than just HIV.

“We've started offering STI testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis,” said Boyet.

"Employment services and helping people get back to work or behavioral health services and helping people improve their overall well-being,” said Yandel.

Right now, patients can access HIV Alliance services at their Garden Avenue location.

They don't know exactly when they will move because their new building is currently under construction.

The moving date will be posted on their website, when it’s decided on.

All services will move to their new building on City View street.

HIV Alliance plans on growing their current programs and adding additional staff as well.

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