Hillsboro homeowner shoots at intruder armed with knife, stolen car found hours later

The stolen Mercedes after police found it Friday morning/KATU News photo

A Hillsboro man shot at an intruder inside his house early Friday morning, following an earlier burglary Thursday evening.

Police say that resident returned home around 8 p.m. Thursday to find someone broken in. They got in by breaking the back window of the home, and got away with a $100,000 1969 Mercedes that was parked in the garage.

The homeowner then covered both broken windows with plastic, and went to bed.

Hours later, he was awakened around 3 a.m. Friday after hearing noises coming from the back of the house. He walked toward the kitchen, where he found an intruder using a knife to cut through the plastic sheet. Police say the homeowner then fired a warning shot at the burglar, who fled the scene.

It's unclear whether the same suspect is related to both incidents.

Traci Schwartz spotted the Mercedes parked on SE 72nd Avenue around 6 a.m. Friday, and realized it was stolen after watching the news earlier in the day.

"I noticed it because it was raining and the top was off so that's off," she said. "I wish I would have said something last night, but it was really cold and late and I didn't really think about it."

Police officers tried to track down the suspect using a K-9 Friday morning, but had no luck.

"On Tuesday, we cleaned out a homeless camp just on the other side of the bridge here so we're not sure if it was maybe someone from that camp returning, looking for items to start another camp, again, not a lot of information at this point," Henry Reimann with Hillsboro Police said.

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