Helfrich inducted into Marshfield Hall of Fame

Marshfield High School inducted former University of Oregon Football Head Coach Mark Helfrich into the Athletic Hall of Fame Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017. (SBG image)

COOS BAY, Ore. – Marshfield High School held its 14th annual Athletic Hall of Fame at the Mill Casino Thursday night.

Former inductees include Pete Susick and Steve Prefontaine. Thursday, former University of Oregon Football Head Coach Mark Helfrich.

Helfrich attended Marshfield High School in the early ‘90s when he played quarterback for the Pirates.

Mark Helfrich’s father Mike Helfrich was also inducted Thursday evening. Mike served as Marshfield’s coach, but he passed away in 2013.

Mark Helfrich spoke about being inducted with his father and what it means to be back in his hometown.

“It's always great. I love this place and it's always fun to come home, tons of teammates and classmates, so it's always fun to be here and it's that much more special to be inducted with my dad who is instrumental with a lot of things that went on positively in this community,” he said.

Helfrich said these days, now that he’s out of college football, he’s focusing on “being a good dad.”

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