Hayward prepares to host TrackTown Summer Series after trials

Hayward Field (Photo by Amanda Butt)

EUGENE, Ore. - For the first time, TrackTown USA will conduct an elite track and field meet during the summer.

The event is called the "TrackTown Summer Series."

The U.S. Track and Field Trials offered promotional ticket sales Sunday.

Athletes will compete for a team title. There will be four teams and each will carry 36 athletes on its roster.

The event will be held in conjunction with another race.

"We're going to combine this elite track and field meet with a community road race taking place prior to that TrackTown team challenge. If people sign up to run the 4 mile road race that actually gets them their in to the track and field meet," said Michael Reilly from TrackTown USA.

The meet is scheduled for July 29.

The TrackTowwn office next to Trader Joe's will sell tickets.

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